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The Georgian U17 National Team will play in the Group A of the European U17 Championship Finals.

Draw was made for Georgian U17 National Team, after 10 years of absence in the youth finals, the crusaders will have to face another two giants of the area after eliminating Spain and England from the Elite Round.

The finals to be taken in Slovenia will have as host cities Ljubljana, Domzale, Maribor and Lendava. The matches of the group rounds are going to be on 4, 7 and 10 May, and the top two teams of each group will progress to the semifinals to be played on 13th May. The final is going to be three days after that on the ŠRC Stožice Stadium in Ljubljana.

Georgians youths are going to share the Group A with France, Iceland and Germany.

The frenchs can be taken as favorites. In the Qualifying Round they advanced on the first place of the Group 10 with 9 points, over Luxembourg (2-0), Northern Ireland (4-0) and Faroe Islands (5-0 match forfeited). In the next stage they won the Group 1 of the Elite Round with 9 points, over Sweden (3-1), Italy (1-0) and Switzerland (2-1). So les bleus aren't only unbeaten but also they haven't lost point.

Germany played in the Group 12 of the Qualifying Round and qualified with 9 points after winning over Albania (1-0), Slovakia (2-0) and Estonia (5-0). In the Elite Round they won the Group 4 with 7 points over Portugal (0-0), Bulgaria (2-1) and Turkey (4-0). The deutsch team only allowed one goal in six matches.

The last but not least is Iceland, they won the Group 13 of the Qualifying Round over three serious contenders, even if they lost to Switzerland 1-5, they recovered and beaten Greece (1-0) and Israel (1-0). In the Elite Round they improved very much, and won the Group 6 with 7 points and a better porcentage of goals, which made the difference with Denmark (2-2), and of course against Scotland (1-0) and Lithuania (4-0).

All teams at this round are winners, and all matches are going to be complicated.

UEFA European U17 Championship

GROUP A: France, Iceland, Georgia and Germany.

Slovenia (hosts), Netherlands (holders), Poland and Belgium.