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The National Team U17 of Georgia made it till the Semi Finals in the Euro 2012.

Proud and happiness is all what the National Team U17 of Georgia gave to the country after they're amazing performance in the Euro Slovenia 2012, but also shared joy, courage and discipline with the world.

The young georgians sorprised everyone with great steps in they're evolution, since the first qualifying round improving till making a place for them between the last and best four countries in the continent.

The U17 National Team qualified to the Group Stage of the Final Tournament after eliminating two favorites of the competition, England and Spain. In the Group A they shared with Germany, France and Iceland. Surprisingly georgians doesn't look bad in they're Euro debut against Germany, actually the young caucasians had more opportunities than the favorites to score, but they were unlucky facing the deutsch talented goalkeeper. In the second match georgians advantaged France but at the end it was a 1-1 tie for both teams and in the final round they made the joy explote and obtained a place between the four semifinalists after winning 1-0 against Iceland.

The brave georgians had to face the future champions, Netherlands, and the first barrier appeared when the captain Nika Chanturia was sent off in the 16th minute of the match. The young georgians had to hold and resist 64 minutes with 10 men against the strongest U17 team of Europe. The strategy was clear, they needed to hold the hopes and make it to the penalty shoots, and they almost achieved it but Netherlands scored in the last minute of the match. After the goal the georgians attaked with no strong forces in they're legs and recieved the second goal instantly in the overtime.

Even if the tears fell, the whole country is grateful for the performance of the National Team U17 of Georgia, and with higher hopes than ever the georgians believe in the further generations.