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The Georgian international players of the Ukrainian club Karpaty Lviv, Levan Kenia and Murtaz Daushvili, are on transfer.

After the economical issues of the Ukrainian team, eight players refused to stay and accept the new economical adaptation conditions which included vulnerable reduce of salaries.

Among the list of players were the Georgian attacking midfielder Levan Kenia, and the defensive midfielder Murtaz Daushvili, both of them icons of the team in the last season of the Ukrainian League.

The media has been hesitating about the possibilities of Levan Kenia to return to the Bundesliga, but official information is still unknown. The only report the Ukrainian club has made is about refusing a 2.500.000 euro offer made for the Georgian top talent from the German team Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Both players have expressed their intention to move to Western Europe and brake the long term Russia – Ukraine tradition of the Georgian legionnaires.