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The young talented offensive midfielder Jano Ananidze will play the next season in FC Rostov.

The Georgian 20 year’s old talented offensive midfielder Jano Ananidze will play the next season with FC Rostov after a loan negotiation between this club and his Spartak Moscow.

Ananidze is a very talented midfielder whose career has been quite polemic from the beginning. He began as youth member in Dinamo Tbilisi, then tried his luck in Dynamo Kyiv and at the end became member of Spartak Moscow. All of this was because of his parent’s geographical movements.

After an amazing youth campaign in Spartak 2008-2009 many eyes were over him and in 2009 he officially started to be a player of the main team. After that he has played 61 official matches and scored 8 goals.

Jano Ananidze, known as "the Georgian Pearl", is a complete “number 10” player with amazing game vision and passing skills, plus a very delightful ball control and individual skill. That’s why the first trouble around him was the selection of the nationality, when he showed up in the main team of Spartak Moscow he was offered to become part of the Russian National Team, but he denied the offer and joined the Georgian National Team.

Considering the conflict between both nations the choice was welcome for the Georgians but some Russian Medias criticized his decision. This fact has grown so much that the reason of Jano Ananidze not being usually taken to play in Championship matches has been exactly this original choice. A few months ago some professional former players of Russia said in different interviews that Jano Ananidze could have more chances in Spartak Moscow being Russian and not Georgian.

Despite this trouble, Ananidze is well known in Europe and many teams have already shown interest on him. The last season the majestic Premier League club Arsenal was interested in his services but the negotiation couldn’t end with a deal, the main reason was the arrangement about the price demanded by the Russian club.

Also he has become important player for the Georgian National Team, where he already played 21 official matches and scored 2 goals.

The last months the possible loan of Jano Ananidze was already suspected, Spartak Moscow’s manager Valeri Karpin, and Jano Ananidze himself, referred about the need of the young midfielder to have constancy on the pitch to keep growing as a professional player. The loan deal with Ural couldn’t end, but finally a 1 year loan option came from FC Rostov and both sides accepted it.

FC Rostov is in the Russian Premier League so the experience possibilities of Jano will be still around the most professional members of main league of the country.