Next Match

Georgian champions already know the rival of the second qualifying round of the Champions League. 

Dinamo Tbilisi will play against EB Streymur from Faroe Islands, for the second qualifying round of the Champions League 2013-2014.

The Faroese team started the European campaign from the first qualifying round of the Champions League, and needed to work hard to overcome their first rivals: Lusitanos, from Andorra.

The first match played in Andorra was totally a milestone for the Faroese team; they managed to equalize the match against the hosts 2-2 after their experimented defender Gert Hansen was sent off. The goals scored by Cristian Martinez in the first half, received two clear answers in the meanwhile of the upcoming 10 minutes after the sending off; Arnbjorn Hansen and Levi Hanssen, from the penalty spot, held the hopes for the game in Tórsvollur.

At home the Faroese team looked stronger and overplayed Lusitanos with a destructive final 5-1. Arnborn Hansen repeated his recipe from the first match and opened the account in Torshavn after 3 minutes of play, Levi Hanssen – the best of the pitch – scored the second of his team at the 38th minute. The things looked even more complicated for the visitors when the Portuguese forward Manuel Machado received the red card at the 55th minute. Despite the reduction, Luis Dos Reis scored for Lusitanos and made the game look quite similar to the first match in Andorra.

Sadly the power of the visitors wasn’t enough, substitute Gunnar Zachariasen scored the 3-1, and allowed his team to relax a little and play more with the temp of the game. A few minutes before the end Levi Hanssen scored his second personal goal after taking a rebound from a failed penalty shot by himself and on recovery time Leif Niclasen sentenced with the final 5-1.

This is the first time EB Streymur qualifies from one round to another in official European tournaments, but despite history facts, the Faroese team looks quite ordered in middle and effective on tactic plays, so won’t be easy for Dinamo Tbilisi to face this upstanding team.