Next Match

Georgian champions approved the first test.

Dinamo Tbilisi players needed 60 minutes to calm down and start to show the football the fans were used to see since the beginning of the last season.

The first match of the season looked complicated for the Georgian champions. Despite the control of the possession and the main actions, they couldn’t manage to score a single goal in the first half of hour.

At the 24th minute Georgian midfielder Irakli Dzaria was injured seriously, instead of him appeared on the pitch Elguja Grigalashvili, making his debut for Dinamo in official matches.

After the 30th minute the Georgians began to press more and serious actions held place in the goal defended by René Torgard. A long shoot by Georgi Merebashvili, who constantly was changing his position, crashed on the crossbar. At the 40th minute finally the hosts managed to score after a nice header by the Basque Ustaritz, after a very nice assist by Xisco.

But Dinamo’s player fell prey to Georgian mentality issues, and after scoring the goal made a few mistakes, which finished with an own goal by Darko Glisic who radically shifted the center pass by Lévi Hanssen, at the 42th. But Georgian champions managed the situation pretty well, and just a few seconds after this terrible mistake, another great pass by Xisco ended with the finisher of Jaba Dvali, and hosts recovered the advantage 2-1.

The second half began with an absolute domination by Dinamo Tbilisi with some serious attacks from the sides, but the Faroese champions had the clearest opportunity to tie the match at the 58th when Arnbjorn Hansen went one on one against Georgi Loria, but his shot was slightly shifted.

After this chance the hosts aroused and started to show more fluent and light football. The experimented David Kvirkvelia, who returned to Dinamo after few years of international experience, warned twice the Faroese goalkeeper. At the 65th minute the players of Streymur looked tired of holding the attacks and the hosts were already creating serious opportunities minute after minute.

On the 71th minute, after a dangerous header by Givi Kvaratskhelia, a new substitution was made for Dinamo. Instead of Jaba Dvali, another debutant came in for the Georgian team, the forward from Ivory Coast – Patrick Vouho.

The debut of Vouho started nice for Dinamo, just one minute after his appearance on the pitch, Elguja Grigalashvili managed to score after taking away three Faroese players and shooting with nice angle on the left side of the small goalkeeper area.

After the third goal Dinamo finally started to show the football which gave them the Georgian League and Cup in the last season. Opportunities started to climb, first Khmaladze with a nice shoot, then Grigalashvili again from long distance, and finally, the same Grigalashvili, assisted Xisco to make it 4-1 at the 74th.

The visitors were already defeated, two minutes after the fourth goal, the newcomer Patrick Vouho managed to score his debut goal after a nice pass by Khmaladze, who ended wisely a combination started from the defense.

But it wasn’t enough, four minutes later again Vouho managed to score his personal doublet finishing another nice combination from the left side, finally assisted by David Kvirkvelia.

Georgians could score the seventh goal in the last five minutes, but the shoot of Grigalashvili and the header of Kvaratskhelia were diverted.

The upcoming match is going to be played next Tuesday 23rd July in Faroe Islands.

Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia) 6-1 EB Streymur (Faroe Islands)
Boris Paichadze National Stadium – Tbilisi, Georgia.
Goals: 1-0 Ustaritz (40’), 1-1 Darko Glisic (42’ – own goal), 2-1 Jaba Dvali (43’), 3-1 Elguja Grigalashvili (72’), 4-1 Xisco (75’), 5-1 Patrick Vouho (77’) and 6-1 Patrick Vouho (81).
Booked: Levan Khmaladze and Georgi Merebashvili (Dinamo Tbilisi); Marni Djurhuus and Arnar Dam (EB Streymur).
Dinamo Tbilisi: Georgi Loria, Givi Kvaratskhelia, Ustaritz, Georgi Seturidze, David Kvirkvelia, Darko Glisic, Levan Khmaladze, Irakli Dzaria (24’ Elguja Grigalashvili), Georgi Merebashvili, Xisco (88’ David Khojolava) and Jaba Dvali (71’ Patrick Vouho).
Coach: Dusan Uhrin Jr.
EB Streymur: René Tórgard, Gert Age Hansen, Marni Djurhuus, Paetur Dam Jacobsen, Dánjal Davidsen, Arnar Dam, Niels Paull Danielsen (76’ Brian Olsen), Levi Hanssen, Arnbjorn Hansen, Leif Niclasen and Rógvi Nielsen (90’ Jóhannes Hansen).
Coach: Rúni Nolsoe.