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Georgian team did a magnificent job at home, and leads the tie against the Danish side. 

Georgian club Dila Gori showed nice style, and dominated the whole match against the Danish team AaB Fodbold also known as Aalborg BK.

Georgians looked more dangerous in the first half despite the lack of clear opportunities. After the half time break both teams looked motivated to score, but hosts were closer after Georgi Iluridze’s shoot was slightly off target at the 51st minute.

Ten minutes later Irakli Modebadze received a nice assistance from Grigol Dolidze and conquered Larsen’s goal for the first time. After scoring the goal Georgians looked to have some conformism, and almost allowed the equalizer but Jeppe Curth wasted his chance.

At the 65th minute Iluridze had another chance to score, but the reaction of Nicolai Larsen was enviable. Three minutes later David Bolkvadze, who was possibly the most active man on the pitch during the entire match, and the most dangerous from Dila Gori, shooted dangerously. The rebound ended to be a nice assist to the newly joined Mikheil Gorelishvili who made it 2-0.

Again after the goal, Dila players allowed the visitors to attack with danger, this time Soren Frederiksen couldn’t score. The last ten minutes of the game were slow, especially because of fouls in the middle of the pitch, and substitutions from both sides. The Danish side tried to press a little bit more but were looking disordered to defend on counterattacks, and that’s how exactly another substitute, the 18 years old Georgi Aburjania, assisted with class and correctness Gorelishvili who converted to make the final 3-0.

This outstanding victory gives Dila Gori clear chances to qualify to the Third Qualifying Round of the Europe League 2013-2014. The returning match is going to be played the next Thursday in Aalborg, Denmark.

This is not the first time Dila Gori achieves a victory over a Danish representative. The last season of Europe League, for this same level – the Second Qualifying Round – Georgian won against AGF Aarhus 3-1 at home and 2-1 away.

Dila Gori (Georgia) 3-0 AaB Fodbold (Denmark)
Mikheil Meskhi Stadium – Tbilisi, Georgia.
Goals: 1-0 Irakli Modebadze (61’), 2-0 Mikhail Gorelishvili (69’) and 3-0 Mikhail Gorelishvili (90’).
Booked: Irakli Modebadze, Mamuka Gongadze, Kakhaber Aladashvili and Mamuka Kobakhidze (Dila Gori); Henrik Dalsgaard and Rasmus Würtz (AaB Fodbold).
Dila Gori: Nukri Revishvili, Gulverd Tomashvili, Otar Khizaneishvili, Mamuka Kobakhidze, Georgi Guruli, Kakhaber Aladashvili, Lasha Gvalia, David Bolkvadze, Grigol Dolidze (63’ Mikheil Gorelishvili), Georgi Iluridze (84’ Georgi Aburjania) and Irakli Modebadze (74’ Rati Aleksidze).
Coach: Georgi Devdariani.
AaB Fodbold: Nicolai Larsen, Jakob Nielsen, Lasse Nielsen, Rasmus Thelander, Rasmus Würtz, Nicolaj Thomsen, Jeppe Curth, Anders Due (62 Kasper Kusk), Patrick Kristensten (71’ Mathias Wichmann), Henrik Dalsgaard and Soren Frederiksen (76’ Rolf Toft).
Coach: Kent Nielsen.