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Early goal wasn’t enough for Chikhura and its eliminated from the Europe League. 

After a though defeat away in Switzerland 2-0 against FC Thun, the Georgians had small options to keep the spot in the continental tournament.

The match started in a very good and unexpected mode for the hosts, pressing from the first minute Chikhura players looked comfortable on the Mikheil Meskhi Stadium’s pitch and managed to score at the 6th minute, after a majestic free kick shoot by Georgi Rekhviashvili.

The attacks from the Georgian side started to become regular and the Swiss team looked without clear answers, but an own goal scored by Vazha Lomashvili in the last minute of the first half destroyed almost every single hope for the Imeretian side.

The own goal became the reason the visitors looked to reanimate their style and in the second half they looked better. That’s why the Swiss team managed to score two more goals and increase the aggregate result to 1-5, enough to qualify to the Third Qualifying Round of the Europe League season, and to knock out the modest Georgian side.

Chikhura Sachkhere (Georgia) 1-3 FC Thun (Switzerland)
Agg: 1-5
Mikheil Meskhi Stadium – Tbilisi, Georgia.
Goals: 1-0 Georgi Rekhviashvili (6’), 1-1 Vazha Lomashvili (45’ – own goal), 1-2 Cássio (60’) and 1-3 Marco Schneuwly (84’).
Booked: Georgi Rekhviashvili, Georgi Somkhishvili, Lasha Chikvaidze and Georgi Kimadze (Chikhura Sachkhere); Cássio and Andreas Wittwer (FC Thun).
Chikhura Sachkhere: Georgi Somkhishvili, Vazha Lomashvili, Shota Kashia, David Odikadze, Georgi Rekhviashvili, Lasha Chikvaidze, Georgi Datunaishvili (78’ Badri Demetrashvili), Jambul Jigauri, Giga Bechvaia, Besik Dekanoidze and Rati Tsinamdgvrishvili (78’ Georgi Kimadze).
Coach: Samson Pruidze.
FC Thun: David Moser, Lukas Schenkel, Dennis Hediger, Thomas Reinmann, Andreas Wittwer, Benjamin Lüthi, Cássio, Josef Martinez (76’ Marco Schneuwly), Enrico Schirinzi (72’ David Frey), Berat Sadik and Sekou Samogo Junior (60’ Cyrill Gasser).
Coach: Urs Fischer.