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Important victory away gives advantage to Dila in the Third Qualifying Round.

The Georgian side Dila Gori developed another amazing result in the Europe League season beating away the favorite of the tie – the Croatian Hajduk Split.

In the first minutes of the match both teams looked equal, the possession was divided and the visitors looked more comfortable while passing from foot to foot. The reinforced attacks from the sides made much damage to the Croatian side and let the visitors to take advantage at the 24th minute.

A combination repeated for a few times, finally got a good answer. The pass over the head by Aladashvili found Gongadze running into Hajduk Split’s box, and his high pass went directly to Georgi Iluridze who managed to kick the ball uncomfortably but accurate into the net.

After the goal the visitors pooled behind and expected the boys trained by Igor Tudor, to attack them. Soon Dila Gori’s system gave another good chance to increase the score, Iluridze managed to take away three Croatian players with an amazing pass straight to Aladashvili, who ran into the box alone against the huge Croatian goalkeeper. At the end the right sided Georgian player lost concentration and tried to give a pass instead of shooting, as result, he gave away a gift. In the last minute of the first half a long shot by Mijo Catkas hit the woodwork.

The second half was completely different. Dila Gori gave away all the possession and was defending strongly, trying to counterattack fast – which gave no serious results, just the fact of the Croatians making too much fouls when they tried desperately to recover the ball.  

But the leader of the team appeared when he was needed, the experimented goalkeeper Nukri Revishvili became in the hero of the match with three amazing saves. First it was Mario Pasalic at the 60th and then twice the substitute Tomislav Kiss after a strong shoot at the 84th and an amazing one on one header one minute later, which Revishvili saved with a world class jump on the line.

Dila Gori had just one opportunity to score in the second half, after a corner kick, Kobakhidze and Tomashvili fought hard inside the area but nothing serious happened at the end.

The unfortunate aspect was in the two red cards in the game, first it was Goran Jozinovic at the 65th minute and then Otar Khizaneishvili six minutes later. Both players are going to miss the returning match on the Mikheil Meskhi Stadium in Tbilisi, to be played on August 8th.

This is the third match of Dila Gori in the Europe League and they haven’t received a goal yet. This statistical fact in unreal and lucky for Hajduk Split’s coach Igor Tudor, who looked very upset and angry in the post-match press conference. He said he doesn’t like the football which Dila Gori plays and it was completely unfair to the Georgians to win this game.

We could agree with Mr. Tudor in his words, the style played by Dila Gori might be even better, considering that the three times the team attacked caused serious troubles to the Croatian side, we may say playing a more offensive football could ended with even a higher score away, but football is a strategy game and we believe Mr. Tudor, as a former defender, understands it pretty well.

Hajduk Split (Croatia) 0-1 Dila Gori (Georgia)
Stadion Poljud – Split, Croatia.
Goal: 0-1 Georgi Iluridze (24’).
Booked: Anton Maglica, Goran Jozinovic and Tonci Mujan (Hajduk Split); Otar Khizaneishvili and Mikheil Gorelishvili (Dila Gori).
Sent off: 65’ Goran Jozinovic (Hajduk Split); 71’ Otar Khizaneishvili (Dila Gori).
Hajduk Split: Lovre Kalinic, Dino Mikanovic, Goran Milovic, Avdija Vrsajevic, Mario Pasalic (73’ Marko Bencun), Franko Andrijasevic (46’ Tomislav Kis), Goran Jozinovic, Mijo Caktas, Mario Maloca, Anton Maglica and Tino-Sven Susic (87’ Tonci Mujan).
Coach: Igor Tudor.
Dila Gori: Nukri Revishvili, Otar Khizaneishvili, Gulverd Tomashvili, Teimuraz Gongadze, Mamuka Kobakhidze, Georgi Guruli, Kakhaber Aladashvili (63’ Mikheil Gorelishvili), Grigol Dolidze (66’ Irakli Modebadze), David Bolkvadze (89’ Georgi Aburjania), Lasha Gvalia and Georgi Iluridze.
Coach: Georgi Devdariani.