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FIFA World Cup 2014

Group I Pld Pts
1.  Spain 8 20
2.  France 8 17
3.  Finland 8 9
4.  Georgia 8 5
5.  Belarus 8 4

Premier League 2013/14

Pos Pld Pts
1.Dinamo Tbilisi 13 30
2.Chikhura Sachkhere 13 26
3.Guria Lanchkhuti 13 24
4.Metalurgi Rustavi 13 22
5.Torpedo Kutaisi 13 19
6.Dila Gori 13 19
7.Zestafoni 13 18
8.Sioni Bolnisi 13 16
9.WIT Georgia 13 15
10.Merani Martvili 13 12
11.Spartaki Tskhinvali 13 10
12.Baia Zugdidi 13 7

Georgian team secured a spot in the Play Offs winning also the second game. 

The boys of Georgi Devdariani managed to overplay the Croatian side in the returning match and won by 1-0 to secure a place in the upcoming Play Offs to the Europe League. The aggregate result by 2-0 shows the reality of both matches, despite the difference between the faces of them.

Georgian side was dominant from the beginning and achieved to create more dangerous opportunities than the visitors. The coached by Igor Tudor were desperately looking for opening spaces in the middle and shot from large distance, but constantly their tries went wide from the goal covered by Nukri Revishvili.

At the 23th minute it was Georgi Iluridze who received the ball going inside the area from the right corner, his shot was going straight to the net but a defender managed to block it. Ten minutes later the same young Georgian talented Iluridze shot strong from outside the box but the dangerous kick went directly to the Croatian goalkeeper.

At the 38th minute Lasha Gvalia’s shot almost finished into the net after a nice combination from the left side, dominated by Georgi Guruli – very active in both matches.

Two minutes later Irakli Modebadze’s shot was blocked and just before the end of the first half, again Lasha Gvalia managed to shoot after the rebound from a corner kick. The goalkeeper Lovre Kalinic had to jump acrobatically and count an amazing save to his personal career to avoid the failing of the hopes of his team.

The second half started with a clear tense level in the middle, but slowly the Georgians continued the domination. At the 61th minute Teimuraz Gongadze’s shot was easily retained by Kalinic, and three minutes later, an amazing pass from the right side came from Kakhaber Aladashvili and the incredible header by Irakli Modebadze was saved by the Croatian goalkeeper, who at the time won the consideration of the man of the match for Hajduk Split.

The two dangerous opportunities created by the Croatian side came at the 72th and 81th minutes of the game, first it was the substitute Tonci Mujan who’s shot went mildly wide, and then Mijo Caktas tried from a close range free kick, but Nukri Revishvili was attempt to block the shot over the goal line.

But justice was marked in Tbilisi when a counterattack from the left side finished with a nice combination between Guruli and Gorelishvili, leaving the spherical to Georgi Iluridze who managed to see the newcomer Grigol Dolidze running from the right side, his pass was exactly where it was needed, and Dolidze overplayed his mark with individual skill and achieved to hit the ball with the external part of his right foot straight to the corner into the net, 1-0.

After Dila Gori scored, both teams looked comfortable with the result, the Croatian side had no reaction at all while Dila continued to dominate the possession and hold until the sign of the referee to the permission to qualify to the Play Offs of the Europe League.


The coach of Hajduk Split – former famous international defender – Igor Tudor, showed mood after the draw of the Third Qualifying Round, apparently he didn’t took Dila Gori as a serious contender. After losing the first match in Croatia, he attacked the defensive style used by the Georgian team and advocated to the right of the Croatian team to make it to the next round because they showed “real” football, offensive.

In the returning match the actions and complete domination of the game was in favor of Dila Gori, something unexpected to the Croatian head coach. At the end, even with the result, his words were about Hajduk Split being a better team in general – something quite debatable.

The truth about this is that Dila Gori qualified to the next round after showing two very different styles of football, defensive and offensive, and looked better than the rival in both aspects. The reality of this has to be the superiority, at least so far, of Devdariani as head coach over Igor Tudor, a professional and respectable former player, who was betrayed by his own words of superiority and ego.

As additional statistical fact, Dila Gori hasn’t received a single goal in this Europe League, in four matches played Nukri Revishvili has been, so far, impassable – which may be one of the pillars of this success.  

Generally Dila Gori showed really nice and attractive football, and they deserve to be in the Play Offs of the Europe League, where Georgia will have two official representations this year – Dinamo Tbilisi and Dila Gori.

Dila Gori (Georgia) 1-0 Hajduk Split (Croatia)
Agg: 2-0
Mikheil Meskhi Stadium – Tbilisi, Georgia.
Goal: 1-0 Grigol Dolidze (82’).
Booked: Aleksandre Kvakhadze (Dila Gori); Goran Milovic, Dino Mikanovic, Mario Maloca and Tomislav Kis (Hajduk Split).
Dila Gori: Nukri Revishvili, Teimuraz Gongadze, Mamuka Kobakhidze, Aleksandre Kvakhadze, Gulverd Tomashvili, Georgi Guruli, David Bolkvadze (86’ Georgi Aburjania), Kakhaber Aladashvili (79’ Grigol Dolidze), Lasha Gvalia, Georgi Iluridze and Irakli Modebadze (77’ Mikheil Gorelishvili).
Coach: Georgi Devdariani.
Hajduk Split: Lovre Kalinic, Dino Mikanovic, Goran Milovic, Avdija Vrsajevic, Mislav Andjelkovic (85’ Tomislav Kis), Mijo Caktas, Filip Bradaric, Tino-Sven Susic (46’ Franko Andrijasevic), Marko Bencun (63’ Tonci Mujan), Mario Maloca and Anton Maglica.
Coach: Igor Tudor.


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