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Regrettable result and a bitter taste defeat.  

Georgian U19 National Team lost in a very regrettable way against Serbia U19 in a match where the Georgians could achieve a better result.

The game control was balanced between both teams, but Serbian players looked more afraid when the “AssA” team members delivered attacks from the middle of the pitch. The Georgian players received 30 fouls, and 6 Serbian players were booked.

The winners of the first match against Turkey by 2-1 assured their qualification to the semifinals scoring the only goal of the match at the 74th minute, when substitute Dejan Meleg found finally the way to make it over the strong Georgian defense.

Over the last minutes Georgians increased the offensive potential and a clear shoot by Bachana Arabuli crashed on the woodwork of the goal defended by Predrag Rajkovic. The luck wasn’t on Georgian side and the final result leaves the young Caucasians with low chances to make it to the semifinals.

In the course of the game the Georgians sinned abusing the individual football, giving away the possession in very subtle episodes. Seemed like the players wanted to make the things difficult, more than it actually was.

At the end the result gives to Serbia 6 clear points and they only need to clear the protocol match against France in the last round to find out in which position are they going to finish this Group Stage in the Euro.

In the other match France won over Turkey and completed 4 points.

The chances for Georgians are low. They need Serbia to win over France, and beat themselves by 2 goal difference or more the last rival – Turkey.

Serbia U19 1-0 Georgia U19
Stadium of Marijampole FC – Marijampole, Lithuania.
Goal: 1-0 Dejan Meleg (74’).
Booked: Aleksandar Mitrovic, Nemanja Maksimovic, Andrija Lukovic, Petar Golubovic, Milos Velkovic and Aleksandar Filipovic (Serbia); Teimuraz Markozashvili, Bachana Arabulia and Guram Samushia (Georgia).
Serbia U19: Predrag Rajkovic, Petar Galubovic, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Nikola Antic, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Aleksandar Filipovic, Milos Veljkovic, Nemanja Maksimovic, Marko Pavlovski (62’ Dejan Meleg), Uros Djurdjevic (88’ Ognjen Ozegovic) and Andrija Lukovic.
Coach: Ljubinko Drulovic.
Georgia U19: Gabriel Tebidze, David Mtivlishvili, Lasha Dvali, Nika Sandokhadze, Nika Tchanturia, Avto Endeladze (63’ David Ubilava), Dachi Tsnobiladze, Budu Zivzivadze (46’ Guram Samushia), Georgi Pantsulaia, Bachana Arabuli and Teimuraz Markozashvili (70’ Nika Katcharava).
Coach: Georgi Tsetsadze.
Group A:
Netherlands 1-4 Portugal
Lithuania 0-2 Spain
1. Spain  2 2 0 0  3  6
2. Portugal   2 1 0 1  2  3
3. Netherlands   2 1 0 1  -2  3
4. Lithuania  2 0 0 2  -3  0
Group B:
Turkey 1-2 France
Serbia 1-0 Georgia
1. Serbia  2 2 0 0  2  6
2. France   2 1 1 0  1  4
3. Georgia   2 0 1 1  -1  1
4. Turkey  2 0 0 2  -2  0