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Unlucky Georgian U19 team lost the last Euro match in Lithuania.

The game couldn’t start in a better way for the Georgians in the last match of the Euro U19, a tournament only played by the 8 best U19 teams of the continent. Having hopes to qualify to the semifinals only in case of a victory and waiting for the result in the other match of the group played between France and Serbia.

At the 3rd minute Avto Endeladze scored for Georgia. The next minutes were a complete pressing and offensive play by the young Caucasians, but a deconcentration let Turkey to react and in two minutes lead the game, after a double scored by Okan Deniz at the 16th and 18th.

Ten minutes later the Georgians had the chance to equal the game from the penalty spot, but the shoot of Nika Katcharava went wide. Despite this fact, Katcharava had a chance to recover his mistake and managed to draw the game at the 50th minute. A mental style began from that moment, but the Turkish side, which had nothing to lose, looked more relaxed and achieved to conduct the situation in a wiser way. At the 58th Recep Niyaz made it 3-2 and complicated the Georgian style, which had even worse news when right side defender Davit Mtivlashvili was sent off at the 76th.

The tries from the Georgians were modest after it, and Cenk Sahin made the final 4-2 at the 80th minute, to destroy completely the hopes. At the end, the draw between France and Serbia showed that even a victory wasn’t enough for Georgia to qualify.

"Georgian National Team U19 did an amazing job from the Qualifying Round, that’s why geofootball staff feels honored to congratulate and thank them for their efforts for Georgia and Georgian football fans."

Turkey U19 4-2 Georgia U19
Stadium of Marijampole FC – Marijampole, Lithuania.
Goals: 0-1 Avto Endeladze (3’), 1-1 Okan Deniz (16’), 2-1 Okan Deniz (18’), 2-2 Nika Katcharava (50’), 3-2 Recep Niyaz (58’) and 4-2 Cenk Sahin (80’).
Booked: Ahmet Salik, Okan Deniz and Ismail Güven (Turkey U19), David Mtivlashvili and Davud Ubilava (Georgia U19).
Sent Off: 76’ David Mtivlashvili (Georgia U19).
Turkey U19: Onurcan Piri, Serdar Yazici, Hakan Cinemre, Ahmet Calik, Salih Ucan, Cenk Sahin (82’ Ismail Güven), Okay Yokuslu, Recep Niyaz, Okan Aydin (59’ Ibrahin Coskun), Ozan Tufan and Okan Deniz (84’ Sinan Bakis).
Coach: Okan Buruk.
Georgia U19: Bacho Mikava, David Mtivlishvili, Lasha Dvali, Nika Sandokhadze, David Ubilava (74’ Budu Zivzivadze), Guram Samushia (59’ Luka Zarandia), Avto Endeladze, Teimuraz Markozashvili, Nika Katcharava, Nika Tchanturia (39’ Dachi Tsnobiladze) and Georgi Pantsulaia.
Coach: Georgi Tsetsadze.

Other Results:

Group A

Portugal 4-2 Lithuania

Netherlands 2-3 Spain

Group B

Turkey 4-2 Georgia

France 1-1 Serbia